What is BluesBaltica

The name refers to the region “around” the Baltic Sea and includes: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland Denmark and Germany. All events of the Baltic Blues e.V. are united under the label BluesBaltica.

The Ars Baltica initiative

Since 2007, the activities of Baltic Blues e.V. have been an official part of the international Baltic Sea cultural initiative Ars Baltica of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, including:

  • BluesBaltica 
  • FolkBaltica 
  • JazzBaltica

Ars Baltica projects in the state of Schleswig-Holstein

Ars Baltica community projects include blues, jazz or folk events as well as visual arts, film or exchange programs for literary figures. Special attention is paid to young, experimental and innovative culture. The number of multilateral cultural projects increased steadily in the 1990s. In 2005, there were 35 joint projects around the Baltic Sea – and the trend is still rising.