It is NOT possible to apply to participate in the Challenge. The reason is simple to understand: Baltic Blues e.V., as a “small” association, cannot spend the time to listen to and evaluate hundreds of then incoming CDs. In addition, our procedure is designed to be neutral, with no possibility of manipulation. We ask for your understanding. Information zum Auswahlverfahren siehe Info Challenge (PDF).

Registration of participants to the GBC

(only on request of the Baltic Blues e.V.)

Die ausgewählten Teilnehmer der GBC müssen eine Reihe von Angaben und Unterlagen (z.B.Fotos, Bios, 1 aktuelle CD etc.) vor der Veranstaltung an den Veranstalter übersenden.

All requirements for registration will be announced to the participants in time. These documents have to be sent to Baltic Blues e.V. in due time. Baltic Blues e.V. reserves the right to disqualify the participant if the requirements are not submitted in time.

For the EBC, the European Blues Union may request separate information from the participants. The same applies to the IBC in Memphis. The information required in both cases must also be submitted to Baltic Blues e.V. in due time. The relevant requirements and deadlines will be communicated to the participants in due time.

For further details see the German Blues Challenge regulations (PDF).