Information German Blues Challenge & German Blues Awards

In cooperation with the European Blues Union, Baltic Blues e.V. organizes the national qualifying competition for the European Blues Challenge and in cooperation with the Blues Foundation (USA) the national competition for the International Blues Challenge in Memphis (USA), each spring of the following year.

Challenge participants and award winners will be determined as follows:

First of all, a prevoting among journalists, organizers, producers, etc. will be carried out.
From this, one proposal list each for the Challenge and the Awards will be created.
The lists of proposals will be put online on a special website for everyone/woman to vote.
The five participants of the German Blues Challenge are presented here (after completed online voting).
The evaluation is carried out by an international jury of experts.
The winners of the German Blues Awards will not be announced until the grand final event in Eutin.

The order of appearance at the Challenge will be drawn by lot. The playing time per band is 30 minutes.

More details about the German Blues Challenge (PDF)
Regulations of the German Blues Challenge (PDF)
More details and categories of the German Blues Awards (PDF)