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Eutin is located in Northern Germany (federal state Schleswig-Holstein), between Denmark, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. In the middle of numerous lakes, mixed forest and little hills (our region is also called „Holstein Switzerland“) you’ll find our small city (Population: 16.000) with an old and young cultural history.

Cultural history
First settlers came 950 AD, 1156 Eutin became a marketplace and 1257 the right to call itself a city. Still growing (a castle and churches were built), dukes and bishops lived in Eutin as well as famous artists like J.H. Voß (translator), J.H.W. Tischbein (painter) and C.M. v. Weber (composer), who was born here.

(Photo: C. Klüver/TI Eutin)

In this tradition, Eutin today presents itself as a multicultural city with a lot of events:
In July/August the „Eutiner Festspiele„, well known for atmospheric, traditional operas, are celebrated in an open-air arena, located between a lake and a famous English park.

All over the summer, classical concerts („Konzertsommer„) are realized in the historic „Jagdschlösschen“, as well as Dixieland Jazz close by the marketplace.

Blues concerts with international Bands are located in the historic windmill („Alte Mühle“), home of a fine Restaurant & Pub, between September and April.

All over the year, international exhibitions in the Eutin castle or the „Ostholstein-Museum“ are looking for an interested audience.

Last but not least, little shops, restaurants, pubs & street cafes, located in the histotic center of Eutin, are looking forward to welcome our guests.

More information
For more information on Eutin, please see http://www.eutin.de.

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