Smooth Gentlemen (PL)

Smooth Gentlemen (PL) Saturday 19:00h -Blues, Soul, Boogie- Line up: Bartek Szopinski (Piano), Piotr Bienkiewicz (Gitarre), Milosz Szulkowski (Drums).      

Michael van Merwyk (D)

Michael van Merwyk (D) Friday 19:00h -Blues´n´Songs-   Line up: Michael van Merwyk (guitar, vocals)    

Victor Wainwright & The Train (USA)

Victor Wainwright & The Train (USA) Friday 21:00 h -Rockin´ Boogie Woogie and more- Line up: Victor Wainwright (Gesang, Piano), Pat Harrington (Gitarre),Terrence Grayson (Gitarre), Billy Dean (Drums).  

Cécile Doo-Kingué (USA/CDN)

Cécile Doo-Kingué (USA/CDN) Friday 23:00h -Soul-Roots- Line up: Cecile Doo-Kingué (Gitarre, Gesang), Pierre Desmarais (Bass, Gesang), TBA (Drums, Gesang).  

Nick Schnebelen & Band (USA)

Nick Schnebelen & Band (USA) Saturday 23:00h -Electric Blues-   Line up: Nick Schnebelen (Gitarre, Gesang), Cliff (Bass), Adam Hagerman (Drums).  

Malone Sibun Band (USA/GB)

Malone Sibun Band (USA/GB) Saturday 21:00h -Rockin´ Rhythm´n´Blues-   Line up: Marcus Malone (Gitarre, Gesang), Innes Sibun (Gitarre, Gesang), Roger Inniss (Bass), Chris Nugent (Drums).  

History BN EN

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Program 2018

6. Blues Nights Hamburg 10/26 + 10/27/18 (Sasel-Haus, Hamburg-Sasel) Programm Friday, 10/26/18 19.00h The Chilkats (D) – Retroblues, Rock´n´Roll – 21.00h Steve Baker Band (GB/D)– Blues ´n´More – 23.00h James Armstrong & Band (USA) – Soul, Chicagoblues – Saturday, 10/27/18 19.00h Dany De Vita & Friends (Argentinien/D) – Retro, Jump, Shuffle – 21.00h Shaun Booker […]

Program 2019

  7. Hamburg Blues Nights 25. + 26.10.2019 (Sasel-Haus, Hamburg-Sasel) program Friday, 25. October 2019 19.00h Michael van Merwyk (D) -Blues´n´Songs- 21.00h Victor Wainwright & The Train (USA) -Rockin´ Boogie Woogie and more- 23.00h Cécile Doo Kingué (CDN) -Soul-Roots-   Saturday, 26. October 2019 19.00h Smooth Gentlemen (PL) -Blues, Soul, Boogie- 21.00h Malone Sibun Band(GB) […]

Blues-Nights EN

  See you next time – 10/25-10/26/2019 7. Hamburger Blues Nights Hamburg Blues Nights present two nights of finest international blues music featuring highly renowned artists from Europe and America. Right in the middle of Hamburg locates the Sasel Haus – an old and traditional event related venue which has seen uncounted artists throughout the […]